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Getting Started


Okonau(行う)(o-kho-n-a-ew) is a Discord bot side-project that started during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic on the 12th of June 2020. The name in Japanese means "to do, to perform" - it started off as a placeholder name but it stuck around.

Inviting Okonau to your server

You can invite Okonau to your server by clicking 'Add me to your server!' on:

Required permissions

Okonau will request Administrator privilages when you invite it, but you're free to deny it that and set your own permissions should you wish - just don't expect all features to work should you deny them. For basic functionality, Okonau will need:

  • View Channels (without Administrator, it will only be able to view Public channels.)
  • Send Messages (good luck without this one lol)
  • Embed Links (Okonau uses embeds a lot to separate it's messages from other users and to be efficient on space.)
  • Add Reactions
  • Use External Emojis
  • Use External Stickers
  • Manage Messages (if you wish to use !purge for clearing messages.)
  • Read Message History
  • Connect [Voice]
  • Speak [Voice]
  • Use Voice Activity [Voice]

Of course, should Okonau develop new functionality that requires new permissions, these features will not work until Okonau is granted permission manually.