hey, I'm Tom.

cybersecurity quality engineer
living and working in Tokyo, Japan.
[email protected]

A photo of when I was very young (around 3), sat in-front of a computer tapping keys on the keyboard.
Me (current age)

I've been around a computer for as long as I can remember. I'd start off playing around with Microsoft Publisher, before graduating to crashing my Junior school's computer network and later found that same calling again, taking a sledgehammer to software.

I left college after school to pursue a career in quality assurance which started with an apprenticeship at Dootrix. I lead testing on multiple projects for web, mobile and desktop applications, with clients such as confused.com and Casedo, and wrote tools to drastically speed up internal migration processes and development of tests and test documentation.

Right now you'll find me working at a cybersecurity company which protects major government entities, public services and more from evolving cyber threats.

People seem to like me:

Tom is an extremely valuable person to have on-board, I love working with him and have a very high standard for the output when he's involved
It’s always a pleasure to work on a project with Tom as I know the project is in safe hands.
Tom is a very important part of the team. Every member of the team and clients feel confident when working with Tom. I am very happy with his work and dedication.
Tom is, without question that rare breed of natural tester. Inquisitive, determined, focussed and disciplined he has a knack for exploring new software and digging out edge cases that push that little bit more from 'it works' to 'it's great'. Coupled with maturity and intelligence Tom is a huge asset to his team. Put it this way: every software house needs a Tom.

Some other things I like:

  • Mojito cocktails
  • The rain
  • The warlock class in Destiny 2
  • 1980s Japanese Music